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Department of Veterinary Medicine Research Facilities

Based in the Hammond Building, at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, we provide an academic driven service supporting research to university researchers and commercial clients.

Our services include;

  • training and support for the use of facility equipment
  • full fee for service runs and facility based projects
  • consultancy on projects and data analysis

Facility Equipment time, training and support

Central management of equipment ensures that specialised, high-end technology is available to all researchers on an equal basis, with training and support available for students and staff throughout their project.

Full Fee For Service Runs and Facility based Projects

The facility offers a complete analytical service working for you to deliver a range of high quality ICP data, imaging and flow cytometry data making the most of years of analytical experience. We can help you plan your experiments, decide on outputs, set up the instrumentation, prepare and run your samples, generate the data and assist with the data analysis.

With the use of our tissue culture facilities we are able to undertake cellular experiments and analysis using flow cytometry and imaging techniques such as confocal  microscopy on your behalf. We are also able to undertake isotope, mineral and trace metal analysis as well as particle sizing. 

Project consultation and data analysis 

Providing guidance and direction in the design of experiments and development of projects, along with help and advice for data analysis. We can also help to develop planning and generate quotes for funding applications and perform data analyses as a service for flow cytometry, imaging cytometry and confocal microscopy data.

To discuss any of these services, contact us at or

The research technologies available

  • Confocal microscopy
  • Flow and Imaging Cytometry cellular imaging and analysis 
  • Trace element, mineral and isotope analysis  
  • PCR instrumentation 
  • Particle sizing 

User Registration

In order to use facility based equipment, University members will need to:

  • Register with the facility.
  • Read and agree to the relevant health and safety documents provided.
  • Have initial instrument user training provided by a facility staff member.

To register contact us at or

We can then create a user account for you on the PPMS stratocore system used to book instruments online.

Working Hours and Rates

Normal Research Facility Staff Hours are 10.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.

Within normal working hours please use the booking calendars to request the support you require.

Most instruments are bookable in 30 minute minimum slots with subsidised internal rates for University staff. Contact us for the current internal rates for equipment. 

External rates are available upon request, please contact us to book our services or discuss your requirements.

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Cellular Imaging and Analysis Facility

Confocal Microscopy, Flow and Imaging cytometry are the laser-based, backbone technologies we utilise to produce robust quantitative outputs. The Cellular Imaging and Analysis Facility situated at the University’s Department of Veterinary Medicine offers an innovative, up to date imaging and...

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Trace Element Analysis Facility

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Resources for Planning Research and Grant Applications

We can help with costing equipment time and other facility services, such as training and data analysis, as well as helping you to estimate associated consumable costs and giving rough guides on time frames for data acquisition and imaging projects.   

Quotes can be generated within the...